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Rising market

According to research , the 2020 quarantine produced a true phenomenon of search for learning .

A Google survey points out that the demand for specialized courses at distance has grown 130% during the quarantine period.

Traditional educational institutions have also gained market share, such as the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), which showed a growth of 400% in adherence to free online courses, compared to the months of January and February.

Udemy – the leading platform for the distribution of distance learning courses, conducted an analysis of the student database in the past two months, which revealed a growth of 425% in the number of enrollments in courses on the platform worldwide and about 95% increase.

Do you have an idea in your head and think that you can take advantage of this growth wave of online courses? We can materialize your dreams.

LMS - Learning Management System

Ideal for

Online courses for entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals (teachers, coaches, instructors).

Distance education for institutions, NGOs, companies, schools, colleges and universities.

Create impressive online courses with us

We use the same tools that leading universities choose to deliver and monitor online courses

Create and sell courses easily, deliver questionnaires, certificates, manage users, download reports and more!

By using our platforms, you have access to the latest industry trends e-learning for creating robust learning experiences

Manage your LMS with ease

With our LMS you are always in control. Use the resources of simple yet powerful administration to manage your users and courses with facility

Set the price of the course, make it free, private or just for members

Manage student progress, define the learning path, check the completed tasks and review student submissions

Send course-specific messages and automatic email notifications

Profit from online courses

Use any pricing model (single sales, subscriptions, associations, packages and more)

Use PayPal, credit card among other platforms payment for automatic charges

Automatic renewal notifications. Without renovation? Choose to remove access.

Refund protection. Content programmed to reduce your reimbursement and increase revenue.

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