Creation of E-Mail Marketing

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The importance of email marketing

According to a study by the Internet Steering Committee in Brazil, the main reason for accessing the Internet is e-mail.

In this way, email marketing provides a simple way to connect and be remembered. This tool, at first inexpressive, not only allows you to send targeted messages regularly, but also to receive quick responses and achieve immediate results.

  • Proactivity: instead of waiting for the customer's interest, the company can find him;
  • Interactivity: the client interacts immediately with the message;
  • Segmentation: it is possible to target the message by gender, age group and city, for example;
  • Personalization: the message can be easily personalized with customer information;
  • Measurement: the return of the action taken is monitored in real time and cost-effectively.

Types of Email Marketing

For many people, the term “email marketing” automatically generates the image of an email with only one purpose: to sell. In fact, there are many types of communications made via email that can be offered to your customer. Some are not directly related to sales, but can contribute significantly to the customer’s ultimate goal using other avenues.

Service or transactional email

Unlike commercial email marketing, which is designed to reach multiple users with the same profile at once, transactional email is not conceived in a mass way.

It is an exclusive communication piece, created especially for each of the existing contacts in a company's mailing list. A service email marketing is usually sent automatically and aims to streamline business processes and customer service.

Widely used on e-commerce sites, this type of email confirms the actions that users have taken directly on the site and transmits seriousness and security to the recipients.

Transactional emails are sent from the moment the user registers on the site, finalizes a purchase over the internet, or even when there is a cart abandonment.

Through a monitoring system, the user's navigation data is captured, taking advantage of their last views, to forward exclusive offers. This is an excellent strategy for e-commerce: taking advantage of information generated by the public to create emails with personalized offers, or with special discounts, for example.


Newsletters are informational emails that focus on bringing users closer to a brand, creating a relationship between companies and customers. Therefore, these messages must provide relevant information to the target audience.

They need to bring quality content that generates interest, making them click on the piece and be taken to your website or social network. In many cases, these contents are not directly related to products, but in some way interconnected.

Lead nutrition email

It is possible to insert certain contacts from your list into a nutrition flow, which consists of emails with specific and relevant content for the recipients, so that they walk through the sales funnel, facilitating the conversion into a future offer.


This type of email is generally aimed at e-commerce or shopping clubs. These are visual and objective messages, so that when users look at the email, they quickly identify offers.

It's a quick way to get your promotions to the public. In these cases, it is often interesting to make a layout in which the user is impacted with one or more promotions highlighted, so that afterwards he perceives the others alternating.

With this, in addition to attracting attention by visual stimulus, it is possible to present a greater quantity of products, increasing the chances of reaching the potential consumer interest.

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