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We create your own content management platform

Don’t you trust WordPress or other ready-made content management platforms or are you looking for something personalized for your company?

Let’s be honest! Often, a CMS in the market does not meet 100% of a company’s needs.

There is always a lack or resources left.

This is due to a very simple reason: they are made to be generalists!

However, we know that each business, each market niche and each company is a different universe .

We can create your own CMS platform (Content Marketing System, or Content Management System) customized for your company .
Advantages of having your own content management platform:

Tailored features

Out-of-the-box content management systems (like WordPress , Drupal or Joolma) are excellent, but often lack that feature specific you want or have more features than you need.

With its own CMS platform we can work each feature in its own way, according to your needs.

Extreme customization

We can make a platform with the face of your company . Its colors, its visual identity and its language. Everything can be customized: from the back-end to the front-end. You are the boss! Even the code can have the look and language of your company.


Unfortunately, the more popular and widely used a CMS is (like WordPress), the the more attractive it becomes to hackers . Although it is it is possible to protect your WordPress site in different ways , they are not there are few complaints about attacks on websites, especially due to the installation of various plug-ins with questionable origins. Your WordPress administrator account is a potential open door for any malicious code entry, through the indiscriminate use of plug-ins. With a customized CMS, each plug-in is designed in a totally controlled and unique way.
How do we make your CMS personalized?

Step 1


First of all, I need to know your company in depth and what you want. For this, in addition to the research I do and the prior knowledge I have of each market niche, I need to have a direct contact with you or your marketing or service team.

We set up a maximum 1 hour meeting (either in person or online) to talk about all the features and objectives of your personalized CMS. Possibly, during the project, it will be necessary to schedule other meetings.

Step 1

Step 2

Budget and time

With all the information in hand, I take the time to study your proposal and in 3 days I calculate the time and investment necessary to make your personalized CMS.

Step 2

Step 3


Time and budget negotiated, get to work! I define a schedule of activities for the execution of your personalized CMS and I am already developing. At the end of the day I will send you a detailed report of the activities done and the progress of your project.

Step 3


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