Social Media Management

Running out of time to manage your social medias? Leave it to a professional!

3 reasons why to delegate the management of your account and social media activities.

  • Social media management takes time

Time is a very important factor to consider on social networks, if you don’t like to spend too much time on it, know that users will do it.

According to statistics (released by Hubspot ), most marketers (60%) spend 6 hours or more per week on social networks.

An active profile on social networks requires a lot of time, continuous effort and many actions.

Delegating the management of your account on social media saves you time to focus on growing your business and your customers.

For example, the social network marketing specialist will propose services to help you manage your social network accounts more effectively

  • Social media management requires a methodology and strategies

We often hear about success stories related to social publications or campaigns that have gone viral. This can send the wrong message because it leads people to think that it could be easily achieved.

However, success on social media is not the norm and requires practice, persistence and sometimes a little luck.

Therefore, to avoid frustration or the feeling that all the time invested in your social media content is wasted, you must keep up to date with your audience’s trends, behavior and expectations.

However, if you are running your own business, you may already have enough to do with your daily tasks.

This is also a reason why delegating the management of your social media strategy and activities to an experienced subcontractor can be a solution.

  • Social media management can be expensive

Investing money in paid campaigns on social networks should be guided by a strategic or objective plan in mind. Otherwise, it is the same as throwing money out the window.

You must define the right strategy based on your business objectives.

For example, the strategy with a focus on “enjoying” has as main objective the increase of traffic or awareness.

On the other hand, a campaign with the goal of driving “conversion” will, as the name describes it, focus on converting current fans or followers into real customers to generate sales.

Making sure that every penny invested in each campaign offers a positive return on investment is extremely difficult to quantify.

Therefore, defining the appropriate strategy and delegating its development and execution to a specialist can be the key to the growth of your business.








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