Website Accessibility Optimization

We create and optimize websites to better serve all audiences. sites optimized for people with physical, motor, hearing and visual disabilities.

Why is having a website with optimized accessibility a good deal?

Optimized accessibility on websites is a relatively new challenge that Web developers and commercial sites must face. It takes effort and can even be a time-consuming process, but the benefits of an accessible page are far greater than you think (and not just because it is the morally right thing to do or because of the laws of accessibility).

By ignoring accessibility on the web, you are potentially alienating a billion people, or 15% of the world population , who suffer from some form of disability, be it auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical or visual. This includes your grandparents, who can no longer read the small source your website uses or perhaps hear the audio from the video.


Maybe a girl who took a ski trip, broke her arm and now can’t use a mouse for a month. Even someone perfectly healthy watching a video on the subway can use the accessibility aid. Let’s say the train is so loud that it can’t hear your video properly (or maybe it has forgotten the headphones, so, being polite, it is watching the video on the mute).

By making your site accessible, you automatically increase your target audience and add new groups for which it has not previously provided any service .

Later on, you get more traffic and therefore the number of conversions also increases.

In addition, making these adjustments usually means making the site simpler and easier to use also for the general public .

As a result, users generally tend to make more extensive use of the site, which leads to more conversions.

It can even make search engine robots happier!

A simpler and better structured website means that search engines will treat your site better, as they can get more information.

Better SEO means more traffic from the search engines and again –> More users —> More conversions.

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