Website Speed Optimization

is your site taking too long to load? we can fix it!

You are losing money with a slow website

The speed of the site plays a vital role in the overall success of Internet businesses.

If you’re like 47 percent of consumers , you expect a website to appear in two seconds or less . What is worrying for companies is that not meeting this extremely fast demand can have some alarming repercussions .

If the download speed of your site approaches three seconds , visitors start leaving at an alarming rate .

Customers expect your pages to load quickly, and when you don’t meet their expectations, there’s less reason for them to stick around.

When it comes to competition on the web, every fraction of a second counts , so it’s important to understand why page loading speed is so important and the role that web design services play in everything that.

Data that might interest you about speed

If your website doesn't open in less than 2 seconds, you will lose 47% of your audience.

Internet access on mobile devices is greater than access via Desktop, your website needs to be hyper-optimized for mobile devices.

More than 50% of users will no longer return to your site if their first experience is a bad one.

Online sales have increased significantly in recent years and were further boosted after the 2020 pandemic.

44% of online shoppers talk to their friends about a bad online experience.

Every second you lose an average of 7% in conversions and potential sales.


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